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 Nobless Quest

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1. Find Talien standing on the stairs leading to Einhasad Temple in Aden. He asks you to bring him the record of the seventeen nemesis who once challenged the Land Dragon.

2. Visit Gabrielle, a direct decendant of one of the heros. She is located near the west exit of Giran town square. She mentions a poet in the hero bunch who became an undead guarding Antharas.

3. Locate Antharas Watchman Gilmore at the entrance of Dragon Valley. He says that he is too busy and sends you to find the Elf Witch Baraham, who is also one of the seventeen heros.

4. Baraham is inside a cave west of Beehive. If you take the road from the beach leading up towards the Monster Race Track, the entrance will be on your right. You will find Quest Monster Baraham in there, surrounded by six Quest Monsters Cave Basilisks. Kill Baraham to get Legend of Seventeen. The basilisks are social but they should all be dark blue to you at this point and fairly easy to kill.

5. Go back to Talien. This time he wants an echo crystal containing the song about King Raul and the unification of his kingdom.

6. Talk to Melody Maestro Kantabilon in Heine's Grocery Store. He says he would gladly give you the crystal but he first needs to restore it.

7. Hunt Malruk Succubus and Malruk Succubus Turen for 10 Malruk Succubus claws. The drop rate is bad (about 1 claw per 12-15 succubi), although it is not last hit required.

8. Bring the claws back to Kantabilon.

9. Return to Talien with the echo crystal. He yet again asks you to find a record for the third legend concerning heros who fought Beleth.

10. Meet Master Stedmiel in Warrior's Guild at Hunter's Village. He gives you a faded poetry book.

11. Back to Talien. He tells you that his sponsor, Virgil, wants to see you.

12. Go to Virgil in Rune. He is up on a balcony behind the temple with his colleague and his sick granddaughter.

13. Virgil asks you to help his granddaughter rid of her nightmares. Speak with Ogmar for more information. He tells you that the Grand Seer Rahorakti has a cure.

14. Grand Seer Rahorakti is located in the Mystic Guild just underneath the temple. He says that he needs 5 units of crimson moss from the Splinter Stakatos in Swamp of Screams to prepare the medicine.

15. Hunt Splinter Stakatos, Splinter Stakato Walkers, Soldiers and Drones. The drop rate is about 1 moss per 30-40 kill but again not last hit required. Hunting in Swamp of Screams is a bit tricky since the monsters here have the tendency to run for the closest nest and bring back reinforcements when their hp falls low regardless of where you are standing. Make sure you bring someone who can root them because the Drones resist sleep. They also do bleed and stun.

16. Take the crimson moss to Rahorakti.

17. Take Rahorakti's Miraculous Medicine to Kassandra, Virgil's granddaughter, then talk to Virgil again.

18. Go to Goddard. Caradine is standing by the east gate.

19. Head Blacksmith Noel reluctantly accept your offer to help them. Collect 5 lunargent and 1 hellfire oil. (Total base items needed: 2 sulfur, 5 quicksilver, 10 blood root, 60 volcanic ash, 100 lava stone, 100 demon blood, 500 moonstone shards. Refer to Supplier of Reagant quest on where and how to obtain these items.)

20. Once you've got the final items, return to Noel.

21. Go back to Caradine. She gives you Virgil's Letter to start the second part of Path to a Nobless, Possessor of a Precious Soul. Go talk to Virgil once you reach lvl 60 on your subclass.


) This quest starts in the town of Rune on the balcony behind the Temple. Talk to Virgil to start.

2) Talk to Kassandra who is next to Virgil.

3) Talk to Ogmar who is also by Virgil. He sends you to the Swamp of Screams/Devils Pass.

4) Find the Mysterious Dark Knight by the ring of dead angels and speak to him.

Then search the angel corpses one by one until you get the golden hair.

Talk to the Knight again.

5) Go south east of Ivory Tower and find Witch Kalis, she sends you west of the Tower to find Matilda.

6) Matilda gives you the item and sends you back to Kalis.

7) Kalis sends you to the Valley of Saints.

Cool You will be looking for a cave opening.

There will be several groups of quest mobs in here, called Restrainer of Glory. They are not aggro, not social and around level 70. When you kill them you will get Orbs of Binding.

Take these over near the back of the cave and talk to the Cornerstone of Restraining until they all disappear. You should have enough orcs from killing just one group of the quest mobs.

Then talk to the unicorn and it will transform.

9) Go back to Rune and talk to Kassandra to receive Caradine's Letter and 455,764 exp.


) This quest starts in the town of Goddard with Caradine who is across from the Magic Shop. She has to talk to Ossian who is to the right of her.

2) Ossian tells you to hunt Pilgrim of Splender and Judges of Splender to two quest items.

3) Both of these mobs are found in the Valley of Saints. They are group mobs, that nuke, HARD and fast so be prepared.

4) When you have the items go back to Ossian. He now tells you to defeat the Flame of Splendor Barakiel.

5) Barakiel is in a cave behind the glowing screens near the back of Valley of Saints. She is a level 70 raid boss with minions. To get the quest item you need to be in the group that gets last hit. You will receive the Staff of Goddess: Rain Song when she is defeated.

6) Go back go Ossian in Goddard. He gives you a Relic Box and sends you to Magister Ladd in Ivory Tower (Dark elf floor).

7) Magister Ladd gives you Caradine's letter and 719,843 exp. Once you are high enough level you can do the final Nobless quest.


1) Talk to Caradine again (you took Part 3 from her as well). This quest only involves of listening to NPC�s talk so just click on the dialog boxes until she ports you to the Lady of the Lake.

3) Now listen to the Lady talk...

3) When she is done chatting, she gives you the Tiara and 93,836 exp. Congratulations on the status of a Noblesse!
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Nobless Quest
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